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Launch is a wholesale provider to the trade, servicing the exhibit and event industries.
Fabric Structures
Architectural Designs
Flags / Banners
Portable Displays

Frame Fabrication 

Cutting, bending and quality welding of steel and aluminum stock. 



LAUNCH offers installation services throughout the Midwest for most of our solutions.  Site inspections, field measurements, permit processing and complete installations. 


Industrial Sewing 

The Launch sewing department welcomes both simple and custom orders.  From the hemming vinyl banners to patterning custom tents, LAUNCH uses only quality materials in our production processes. 


Fabric Dye-Sublimation Printing 

While fabric continues to dominate in the retail and event markets, LAUNCH perfects the art of dye-sublimation printing.  Our seamless work flow makes the process easy and efficient for our clients.  From printing large retail roll outs to one-of-a kind structural elements, the LAUNCH print department keeps turning out vibrant and stunning graphics! 


Competitive Pricing 

In order for a company to compete at the wholesale level, they can't have a lot of middle managers.  We stay lean for a reason, and we compete in today's market by providing value added solutions.  This results in the best possible price for our clients. 


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